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Step 3 - Composure and Presentation

Step 3 - Composure and Presentation

When preparing for a job interview, keep in mind the following principles relating to composure and presentation. Use these tips to showcase your confidence, critical thinking, and thoughtfulness during the interview:

Speak Slowly and Embrace Thoughtful Pauses:

Speaking slowly shows that you are composed and thoughtful in your responses. Don't rush to answer questions. Take a moment to gather your thoughts and provide well-considered answers. Pausing can also add emphasis to your points and make your responses more impactful.

Answer Directly and Clearly:

Each question has a corresponding answer, and your goal is to provide a response that directly addresses the question asked. Avoid going off on tangents or providing irrelevant information. Keep your answers concise and to the point, ensuring they fit like puzzle pieces into the context of the interview.

Use Thoughtful Phrases and Openings:

Treat each question as a pleasant opportunity to share your experiences and insights. Begin your responses with phrases like "Yes, of course, when I first started out XYZ" or "Oh, great question... I originally started out XYZ." These openings show your enthusiasm and engagement with the interview process. Be aware however, do not overuse enthusiastic responses otherwise, they may come across as insincere or scripted.

View the Interview as an Opportunity, Not an Interrogation:

Approach the interview with a positive mindset. Show your enthusiasm for the position and the company. When you treat the interview as an opportunity to showcase your skills and expertise, it exudes confidence and professionalism.

Again, Embrace Thoughtful Pauses:

The power of a moment of silence cannot be overstated, when it comes to indicating composure and confidence. Don't fear moments of silence during the interview. Embrace thoughtful pauses if you need time to collect your thoughts while transitioning to a new idea. Silence can be powerful and shows that you are giving genuine consideration to your responses, and in fact, your responses are likely to be much stronger since even 1 or 2 seconds more allows your brain to collect and organize thoughts. 

Highlight Your Critical Thinking Skills–You Don’t Always Need an Exact Answer:

Throughout the interview, demonstrate your ability to think critically and analyze situations. When faced with complex questions, walk the interviewer through your thought process, highlighting how you approach problem-solving. Even if this does not result in an on the spot answer about how you will solve the employer’s complex dilemmas, what they are really looking for is to see if you’re capable of thinking rationally and strategically.


Remember, the key to successful interviews lies in being genuine, composed, and showcasing your strengths confidently. By incorporating these presentation techniques, you can leave a lasting impression on the interviewers and increase your chances of landing the job. Practise these skills beforehand to refine your approach and ace the interview with poise and confidence. Good luck!

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