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The Problem

You don't receive feedback

1. You Want to Get the Job

A job gives you security, fulfillment, a network and pride. But how do you know if you're presenting your best self?

2. The Corporate Void

We know the feeling of submitting job applications only to be met with silence or unhelpful rejection emails. This can lead to feeling lost.

3. Am I Good Enough?

A lack of feedback fills us with needless self-doubt. How do we know if we were off by an inch or a mile? We feel lost without guidance about how to improve.

4. Everyone Deserves Feedback

You ought to be given an opportunity and guidance for how to improve.

5. The Stakes

Without feedback, you can't identify your weakness. Hours of writing cover letters could be in vain. You could miss the job you want and deserve.

The Solution

Give employers an incentive

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    Load a QR Code With a RewardLoad a QR code with a few dollars. Put it on your resume (recommended) or in a follow up email.
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    Review FeedbackLearn the employer's thoughts about your strengths, weakness, and how you could improve.
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    Make Your Strongest Job Applications YetKeep going! Each job application becomes a valuable growth opportunity.
  • Also, how to get your dream job:
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1. Feedback Guarantee!

If you don't receive feedback within two months after sending our QR code with your resume, we will credit your account with the credits you spent. T&Cs apply.

2. How do you ensure feedback is high-quality?

Reviewers must sign up with their public LinkedIn profile and are given guidance about what makes feedback helpful. Also, you get to rate their feedback.

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